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King County Motorsports LLC was founded December 1st 2010 by Steve and Hollie Stromberger of Federal Way, WA.

Our Competition:
 Just take a look at those mega dealerships (you know the ones I'm talking about), the rent on that building alone has to be astronomical, not to mention the massive inventory and dozens of employees.  That's why they want $10000 for the same motorcycle we have advertised for $7000.  They pass the high overhead onto their customers.  You work hard for your money, don't line some salesman's pockets with it.  Private parties: many people are emotionally attached to their motorcycles, when they decide to sell their precious ride they can't help but think about how much they paid for it brand new off the showroom floor (at that mega dealership), and all the good times they had with it.  They think, "well I paid $10000 for this thing 2 years ago and I only put 5000 miles on it, it surely must be worth at least $8000, right?"  Wrong, just like buying a new car, the second you drive it off the lot, you lose around 20% of the value instantly.  Add in 2 years of use and 5000 miles and you are looking at a $6000 motorcycle, maybe less.  Will you see that person advertising their bike for $6000?, not likely.  They love that bike, "no way am I selling this beauty for 6 grand".  That's where we come in, we are realistic about motorcycle values and we have no emotional attachment to them.  We also have a reputation to uphold, you never have to worry about us ripping you off, selling you a lemon, lying about this or that.  We value our business way too much to risk getting a bad reputation.  With private parties, you never know if you can believe what they are telling you, they have no reputation to worry about, you buy the bike and they will never see you again.  Have a problem with the bike you just bought? They couldn't care less.  We at KCmoto stand behind our product.  Although we do not offer any formal warranty, you can rest assured that having happy customers is very important to us and we will take every reasonable step necessary to rectify any problems should they arise.

Where we get our motorcycles:  Many of our bikes come from dealers only auctions located all around the pacific northwest region, and most are bank repossessions.  These are bikes that belonged to individuals that for some reason or another stopped making their payment, so the bank repossesses them and sends them straight to the dealers auction.  All our bikes have clean, clear titles unless clearly stated. We rarely sell bikes with rebuilt titles, but we occasionally come across a deal that's too good to walk away from. Of course the bike has to be in safe, excellent running condition. We are very picky about the motorcycles we purchase at auction, we make sure they are in exceptional condition and require very little, if any, repairs.  Only bikes that have obviously been well taken care of make it into our showroom.  Some of our inventory comes from trade-ins, local customers that trade their motorcycle in on a different bike that we are offering. Some bikes that we acquire are still covered under the original factory warranty.  We perform a full inspection, personally test ride every bike, and do our best to recognize and deal with any issues that need to be dealt with, we want to be sure our customers are getting a quality bike with zero problems.

Any other questions about our business?  Feel free to ask, give us a call at (253)394-4534 or e-mail steve@kingcountymoto.com

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